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Why Hightide Settlement Services?

Undeniable Excellence. Unparalleled Service. Unreal Results.

In our industry’s increasingly rigid & regulatory environment, choosing the right settlement services provider is key to your business’s success.. Sound right?At Hightide, we get it. As enterprise experts, we know what you need… which is why we listen and offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs and adapted to the demands of our changing industry.
Hightide delivers a commitment to compliance, a client-focused approach, and proven performance excellence to help your business reduce financial, regulatory and reputational risk and significantly reduce operational costs. In short? Hightide helps you close more loans.
Title and closing support from a dedicated, knowledgeable team

Enterprise Title and Closing Services

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Trustworthy solutions for smart default servicing

Default Title and Settlement Services

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About Hightide Settlement Services

An attentive, dedicated, & client-focused
title and settlement provider that goes the distance.

At Hightide Settlement Services, we use our extensive enterprise experience to tailor comprehensive, customized solutions for all your title and settlement needs. Whatever you need, we’re here. From purchase and refinance to post origination sale and portfolio acquisition, we build solutions that maximize your gain.

At Hightide, we put clients first with a customer-focused leadership… no massive corporation needed. With the quality and performance of a larger provider and the personal service of a smaller firm, Hightide just gets it.

We provide fully customizable title & settlement platforms that allow you to say goodbye to one-size-fits all services and say hello to a solution geared to your business.